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The Risk-Driven Approach (RDA)


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Calling all ABA practitioners!

How do you make individualized service recommendations? How do you determine appropriate intensity and format recommendations?

Bottom line: these questions are even more important now than ever before.


In this video Dr. Taylor provides an introduction to a collaborative data-based approach to guide ethically informed decisions regarding ABA service delivery (regardless of crisis, patient population, and/or service settings).

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Video Series
Dr. Taylor's YouTube

Dr. Rachel Taylor, BCBA-D launched this UTube channel to provide support to her friends & colleagues who are navigating the current landscape of ABA service provision during the Coronavirus outbreak. She openly acknowledges that we are facing extremely uncertain times. Her primary goal is to share information that will inspire others to continue to excel, both professionally and personally.

No matter the topic, she strives to provide actionable evidenced-based strategies for practitioners while also orienting everyone to the increased importance of ensuring our own personal well-being during these times of increased stress for human service providers.

Pending eligibility for CE’s, participants will be required to read an assigned article and complete test questions covering content from both the Webinar and assigned written materials. Stay tuned for updates!

Interested in staying up to date with Dr. Rachel Taylor, CABA and the ABA world? If so, CABAcast is the podcast for you.
Join Dr. Taylor and her colleagues as they dive into a variety of topics related to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, in hopes of increasing the independence and quality of life of all of her listeners.
CABA Consulting YouTube

Do you focus on ABA for children and want to expand your practice to adolescents and adults? We can help!


Do you provide other Behavioral Health supports and want to expand to provide services that require a BCBA® and RBT®? We can help!


You asked, we are delivering!

We provide Resources, Training, Consultation and Support Services to organizations seeking to enhance their ABA-based service options.


CABA Consulting (CC) is a sibling-company to the Center for Applied Behavior Analysis (CABA), bringing CABAs outstanding reputation for innovative service provision directly to you and your organization.

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