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A message to our clients and caregivers we serve:

CABA is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and those whom we are fortunate enough to support. As such, we are closely monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak according to the information provided by the Centers for Disease Control here:

We understand that many schools have closed preventively to reduce exposure to large groups of people. However, CABA services do not involve large gatherings of people. As such we can continue to support our clients while adhering to the CDC's health and safety guidelines and recommendations.

We want to share with you the actions that we are taking to help protect everyone:

We’ve advised our employees to follow the public health authorities' guidance regarding personal travel, good hygiene, social distancing and sanitizing practices We’ve reinforced existing CABA policy encouraging employees who exhibit flu-like symptoms to stay home and consult with a medical professional We have discontinued access to large group gatherings for any community-based services We’ve reinforced existing CABA policy requiring parents/guardians to cancel session and consult with a medical professional if a member of their household is exhibiting flu-like symptoms

Although this is a concerning time, by working together to better ensure the protection of our health and safety, we can help pave the way towards a more secure future. We appreciate the trust that you place in CABA. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and take actions necessary to help keep our employees and clients safe while providing the necessary and required services to those whom we are fortunate enough to support.

Please do not hesitate to send any questions you have to

The CABA Management Team



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