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We provide evidence-based supports across the lifespan.

The Center for ABA (CABA) delivers personalized applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment to individuals of all ages with neurodevelopmental diagnoses in home, school, center, community day and community living settings. 

We rely on the science of behavior analysis and evidence-based practices to produce socially significant changes in behavior that improve the quality of life for the clients, caregivers, and communities that we serve.  


From the outset of services, CABA staff maintain a consistent focus on the goal of increasing client and caregiver independence as efficiently and effectively as possible. All of our service lines are designed to address problem behaviors while teaching new skills.  


We offer 7 distinct service lines and Telehealth options, which allow us to truly individualize and customize ABA services for clients across the state of California. 

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Telehealth Services

CABA is thrilled to now offer Telehealth services, an alternative option to in-person care by bringing experts, educators and those in need together through technology. 

If you are currently receiving services from CABA and are interested in telehealth, please contact your BCBA Supervisor. If you are interested in initiating services with CABA, please email us at or click here for more information.


Traditional In-Home Services

CABA’s Home-Based Behavioral Services are designed to support individuals of all ages diagnosed with neurodevelopment disorders, to reach their fullest potential. A combination of evidenced-based assessment and intervention procedures are used to help increase independence and bridge the identified gap between chronological and functional age across a variety of domains including (but not limited to) Language/Verbal Behavior, Self-Monitoring, Play/Leisure, Sex Education, Theory of Mind and Social, Motor & Daily Living skills.
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School-Based Services

Behavioral Services in the school setting offer positive behavioral assessment and intervention services, including Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA’s), the development and implementation of Behavioral Intervention Plans (BIP's) and the provision of individual support services to assist students with decreasing problem behaviors, increasing functional replacement behaviors (i.e. language, socialization, etc.) in order to more effectively access the general curriculum in place for the student as defined through the IEP process.
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Social Skills

The primary goal of Social Skills is to provide support toward reaching a developmentally appropriate level of social competency such that each individual/family leaving our program is able to have a greater quality of life. Small groups, clustered according to age range, are conducted on a weekly basis in the community setting. Group meetings are designed to directly teach certain essential social skills such as:
  • Conversational skills

  • How to make a good first impression

  • How to join a group of others

  • How to handle rejection, teasing and bullying

  • How to be a good sport

  • How to show respect to adult supervisors


EBSH (Enhanced Behavioral Support Homes)

In partnership with WRC and the Southern California Integrated Health and Living Project, CABA has developed four Enhanced Behavioral Support Homes intended to serve up to three residents each, whom require 24-hour non-medical care in a homelike setting due to severely challenging behavior.

The EBSH service line provides residents with the least restrictive placement while providing access to the community and support to lead an integrated life. The homes will focus on a behavioral approach while providing care to its residents and will target areas including Daily Living Skills, Community Integration, Relationship Development and Leisure Activities.

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Specialized Therapeutic Services (STS)

CABA was personally selected by the Los Angeles Westside Regional Center (WRC) and Regional Center of the East Bay (RCEB) to launch this new service line designed to support individuals who are at-risk for an inpatient admission or other restrictive placement due to the severity of their problem behaviors. Problem behaviors may include, but are not limited to, property destruction, inappropriate language, aggression, and self-injurious behavior.

Services are designed to be delivered up to 24 hours per day, 7 days per week; the frequency and duration of support is based on the individual needs of the client and his/her caregivers. All sessions are scheduled in coordination with the individuals current scheduled supports, including primary caregivers in the home setting, Supported Living Services and Day Programs.

The primary purpose of STS is to ensure that all caregivers are equipped with the necessary training to ensure client success.

Adult Day & Individualized  Services

CABA’s Adult Day and Individualized Services are offered 7 days a week and specialize in, but are not limited to, working with clients with challenging behaviors. The service line seeks to integrate clients into the community while focusing on individual needs and aspirations. CABA strives to identify goals and specific service plans which are based on the results of our comprehensive assessment process to maximize client direction of services and increase the client’s ability to lead an integrated and inclusive life.

Positive behavior support plans are developed to address any potential challenging behaviors that may impede success. In addition, potential skill deficits are addressed to support each client achieve their goals. Teaching strategies are used in the natural setting, and may include a combination of visual supports, modeling, role play, feedback, and positive reinforcement based systems. The program focuses on Employment and Volunteer Placement, Post-Secondary Education and Leading an Integrated and Inclusive Life.

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Center-Based Services 

Our center, located in Fresno, California, is now officially open! The center allows individuals the opportunity to socialize and engage in a learning environment more like school, gives families the ability to maintain careers and other responsibilities, and offers a supportive group atmosphere for unparalleled staff training and interactive supervision. Located in Fresno, CA.

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