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Welcoming Central California to CABA | A Message from Dr. Amanda Nicolson

Dear Central Cal Caregivers,

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to the Center for Applied Behavior Analysis (CABA)! CABA has a wonderful reputation as one of the most comprehensive and innovative ABA organizations in the country and has been widely recognized for their outstanding work. I am thrilled to provide you with this update on behalf of the CABA team, as we continue to expand our services to you and the central valley.

We have all been faced with a lot of changes throughout the past several months; some have been challenging while others have brought new opportunities, such as developing CABA’s Central California team. I am thrilled to be apart of a strong clinical and administrative team who shares a united mission, met with unrivaled energy and experience.

This is the first of many CABA caregiver communications for the Central Valley. Today’s update will specifically focus on CABA’s COVID-19 precautions and on our upcoming plans to launch a center.


CABA takes the health and safety of your family and our staff very seriously. As such, we follow strict policies and procedures related to COVID-19. We adhere to the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines, followed by state recommendations and local level information from city/county health officials. CABA takes this information into account and exceeds recommendations, when establishing organizational safety procedures. To ensure we provide you and your family the safest in-home services possible we take the following precautions:

1. All staff wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and routinely wash hands, in addition to, following safety precautions before and after sessions.

2. Staff and caregivers complete a COVID-19 Waiver at the launch of services.

3. Behavior Therapists are limited in the number of households they work at to decrease the amount of in-person contact.

4. Pre-session health checklists are conducted at every visit and are uploaded to our records.

5. If anyone (staff, clients or family) shows symptoms, session is cancelled for 72 hours and will not be rescheduled until 24 hours after all individuals are symptom free.

Center-Based Services Update We have approached the launch of CABA’s Center-Based Service Line with extreme care. We have identified a property in north/central Fresno but have not yet confirmed details; updates will be provided as they become available. The tentative plan is as follows.

  • Open the administrative office in December 2020

  • Open the center to families and clients in early 2021

These opening dates and conditions are subject to change depending on local COVID statistics and recommendations, as we approach these timelines. We are extremely excited and eager to launch center-based services, but the deliberate manner in which our CABA team is working ensures that we will be safe and sustainable as we move forward.

Communication CABA’s administrative team is already working magic for our region from their remote offices! They are scheduling, organizing, and managing all moving pieces to ensure that we are providing the best possible services to you and your family. Please be in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns. Email is always the ideal form for non-urgent communication. We are all ready to help at a moment’s notice. To guarantee smooth communication, please note the following:

Main Line & General Questions:

Scheduling Notes & Sick Call Outs

559-413-2900, press 2 at main menu

Insurance Changes & Referrals

559-413-2900, press 1 at main menu

Clinical & General concerns

Thank you for trusting us with this aspect of care for your loved one, we are honored to have this opportunity to provide services to you and your family. Very Warmly, Dr. Nicolson Amanda Nicolson, PhD, BCBA-D Director of Central California


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